09 November 2011

Kristallnacht 2011

Second paragraph updated 10 November 2011.

Today is the anniversary of one of the most shameful days in European history. On 9 November 1938, the Nazis attacked peaceful decent people, Rom (Gypsies,) Homosexuals, and most especially Jews, destroying their homes, businesses and lives. They blamed the victims and Europe and America elected to accept that claim.

It is 9 November 2011, some 73 years later. We can see that little has changed. The same triad, Jews, Gypsies, and Homosexuals are still the targets of cheap shot, dishonest attacks, although as my son points out, post-911 we have to add Muslims to the list of targets for the mindless.  Those of Arab descent who are secular or even Christian can point out that the persecuted category is racial as well as religious.

A small circulation rag in England, miss-named, "The Church of England Newspaper" recently published an attack of lesbians and gays claiming that they persecute the poor religious folks. You know, those who merely want to continue to oppress lgbt persons. It is yellow journalism at its worst, but about what we have learned to expect. They chose today to defend their publication of this rot, an interesting choice to say the least.

I did not include a link to the article because frankly it is that disgusting. These idiots do not deserve readers. I will simply say that they have abandoned any claim they may have had on the name, Christian.

From Uganda comes news that the "kill the gays" law is advancing in parliament. Nowhere do we hear the voice of the Anglican Communion or Roman Catholic voices against this atrocity. Shame!

In America we have our own scandal out in the open. The utter disregard for the little boys who were victims of coach Sandusky at Penn State. Readers who are not Americans cannot perhaps understand how prominent these weasels were but that football program ran that campus, and a good part of inter-college sports. Football is about as close to a secular religion as America comes. The violence done to our corporate culture cannot be ignored.

It is a night to pray. Pray for the repose of the souls of the victims of Kristallnacht, the persecuted little boys, gays, lesbians, transexuals, bi-sexuals, Gypsies and always, Jews who are or were victims. Pray for the conversion of those who advance this ugliness at places like the "Church of England Newspaper."


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Leonard said...

I used to hate them, now I realize how very emotionally and spiritually sick the abusers are...still, they must be exposed on exactly the terms they make themselves known...I for one, and thanks for you too, intend to keep blogging, keep watching and not let this often terminal hate illness go unrecognized.

Thank you,
Leonardo Ricardo/Len

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