30 August 2019

Mr. Pence's time may be here

I have been at the very least a consistent impeachment skeptic. I fear I have annoyed a number of my progressive friends by my refusal to join the call. Even more, I have been and remain skeptical of the idea of a twenty fifth amendment action to remove Mr. Trump.

One of the reasons that I have been skeptical is frankly Mike Pence. The vice-president is a doctrinaire ultra conservative protestant.

In general I am willing to defend the absolute right of anyone to believe just about anything. The vice-president is entitled to that defense. He has the prerogative to be a member of any faith community he choses and believe whatever doctrines that body teaches.

There is a line in m view, and that line is where a faith community or adherent claims that their doctrine means that another's must be suppressed. My perception is that the vice-president crosses that line. None-the-less, Mr. Pense is sane. In addition he actually understands how to administer a government.

Given the profiteering of the family and the inability to learn, I think it is time to consider impeachment. I remain skeptical about the 25th amendment approach for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the murky legal process.

We know how impeachment works. I think it is time to at least open an inquiry. I think the 2020 election is probably the best answer.

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