04 September 2019

Dear Senator Cruz

Those of us who live near or in Chicago were surprised by the sheer nerve and lack of substance you displayed recently in claiming that the real gun problem is the laws we have here in Illinois, which in your fevered mind cause shootings. I suppose we should not be surprised. You are after all among the least respected members of the Senate. But nonetheless.

The Chicago superintendent of police has noted publically that forty percent (40%) of the firearms recovered by his officers investigating shootings come from Indiana gun shows. If you want to reduce ,shootings in Illinois, and it appears perhaps Texas, support efforts to close the gun show loophole.

The last year for which I have numbers is 2015. That year, Illinois experienced 3.4 gun murders per 100,000 people. Texas had 3.3. One tenth of one murder per 100,000 people is trivial.

Chicago, including major suburbs, ranks 10th of the ten most violent areas in the US in 2015. We experience an unacceptible number:8.1 murders per 100,000 people. New Orleans, the most violent, has more than double, a whopping 16.4 per 100,000 population. Memphis and Birmingham both Southern cities with relatively easy legal gun ownership, were also in double digits.

No one who lives here would argue that we have the problem controlled. There are too many gangs, too many shootings, and too many deaths. In spite of the Indiana gun shows, however, we were tenth in the ten most violent cities. I submit you should turn your silly comments somewhere else.

I am not a fan of mayor Lightfoot. Living as I do just outside of the city,  I pay attention. It is clear that our legal problems, and we have them, have much to do with Missouri and Indiana. The mayor cannot help that. Cheap shot comments from uninformed incompetents such as yourself, do not help.

When trying to send the spotlight away from Texas problems, a classic 4-year-old technique, using the completely discredited, "what about" fallacy is simply immature. We see it here. Is the NRA arm everyone approach failing? It is. What about Chicago?

We understand. Our schools teach critical thinking skills. You are not fooling anyone here. As a Senator, intellect, and man, you make us proud to be Illinoisans.


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