26 January 2021

A New Day? Really?

Under the alleged Trump plan, which it appears never existed,  Sue and I should already have Covid 19 vaccinations. There is no question that we qualify as "1b" candidates. Sue, is a bit older and probably qualified as a mod 1. 

The County has a web site for appointments. It is a bit primitive but I could live with poor design if the system were working. Large numbers of the "sites" report that they won't schedule appointments until they receive some vaccine. One, Loyola's Mac Neal site is still limiting itself to mod 1's. The rest of the sites, all of them, report no available appointments. 

We qualify and it doesn't  matter.  I  don't think the issue is the county public health staff. There is simply not enough vaccine or staff.

We remain hermits. There is nowhere other than doctor visits, we can go.  Most of our food comes via delivery services. Drugs come from a drive through pharmacy.  We did have a few socially distant outside Sunday evenings for soda and whiskey. It is way too cold and muddy for that now. Church is a Zoom event.

Listening to the talking heads, you might think there is vaccine. Nope. 

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