06 February 2021

Things that make me wonderwo

Here in Illinois, each major step in the public education system comes with a mandatory exam on the constitution and government structure. Neither test would qualify as a BAR exam, but to pass one has to have at least a clue about the way government operates, is structured, and the content of the Constitutions of Illinois and the US. Highschool diplomas also a require successful completion of a 2 semester American History class. Literally, one can not conclude 8th grade or receive a highschool diploma without passing.

Although kids in Illinois know this is coming and treat it as routine, they do learn. So why don't other States, Wyoming for instance do something similar?

I ask because a nearly unanimous vote of the Wyoming Republican State Committe voted to, "censure" Congresswoman Cheney because she voted for the second impeachment of Donald Trump, even though the House did not have a hearing of give Trump an opportunity to defend his actions.

12 year old kids stiill working on their civic educations know that the House of Representatives acts as a grand jury for impeachment anctions, and no hearing or right of defense obtains until the trial which occurs in the Senate. It is a simple idea that appears too complex for Wyoming's GOP. I am not a fan of Congresswoman Cheney, but compared to these intellectual failures she is both morally and intellectually miles ahead.

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