30 May 2009

An amazing week

In A Separate Peace John Knowles observes that sarcasm is the defense of the weak. I have not read the novel in decades and I do not recommend it -- I only finished it because there was a grade involved. None-the-less, the observation came back to me as I read the blogs and news sites that self-identify as 'traditional' or 'orthodox' and the newsletters of several incursion bishops this week.

The reason was the reaction to the arrival of a now former RC priest whose sin was falling in love and who has now become an Episcopal lay person seeking recognition of his orders among us. It appears that the idea that love drove a priest out of Rome and into TEC is simply not something the holier-than-god folks can stand.

So we see posts about a non-existant 'society' supporting heterosexual promiscuity 'welcoming' the priest and his (now) betrothed. This man has done nothing to harm them and yet they refer to him in the most vicious terms. They do not know what if any sexual activity he may have engaged in but they can label him anyway.

At the same time, several blogs including OCICBW have called attention to an amazing comment made by Benny 16. In it, he appears to adopt the language of those who seek to elevate the status of Miriam the Theokotis to demi-god. There has been for some time a movement within Roman extremism to declare Mary "co-redemptrix."

Benny said, "...the Virgin Mary "silently followed her son Jesus to Calvary, taking part with great suffering in his sacrifice, thus cooperating in the mystery of redemption and becoming mother of all believers," If he is the least bit serious about this and it appears from the article that he is, then it is fair to ask if Rome is about to depart from Christianity. The idea that Mary took some direct part in the atonement either elevates her to divinity thus denying monotheism and the doctrine of the Trinity, or makes it possible for a human to make an atoning sacrifice thereby diminishing Jesus's status as divine or at least removing the need for a divine offering. Either way it is heresy.

So what do our 'orthodox' friends worry about? Whether or not a former RC priest was violating his vow of celibacy. This among Anglicans who dismiss the whole celibacy cult.

Yup an amazing week!



June Butler said...

Jim, I've heard that Fr. Cutie was talking to Bp. Frade before his relationship became public, but I don't know if that's true or not. It would help some to know that part of the story. I'm sure that the proper procedures in discernment will be followed before he exercises his ministry as a priest in the Episcopal Church.

As for Mary as co-redemptrix, I'm betting Benny won't do it. Of course, I could be wrong.

JimB said...


I am confident Bp. Frade will follow all the relevant rules. If Fr. Cutie is ever granted a license as a deacon and priest, it will be after the t's are crossed and the i's dotted. Of course getting the license and getting a job are different things.

As to Benny and the celibate fixation with Mary, I think he will inch ever closer. Whether he finally crosses the line may depend on the ongoing reactions, especially among his bishops.


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