31 May 2009


It appears the tradition bound who persist in the use of war like images, are on the march. Emboldened by the passage and constitutional affirmation of Prop. eight, they seek other States. Referenda it seems are to sprout up like mushrooms on freshly killed trees. Mao said, "Let a thousand flowers bloom" and his minions set out to kill so that there would be fresh decay. Now the holier than god crowd are set to follow the example.

In California, once the home of progressive policies, Prop 8 takes marriage away from other lesbian and gay people. For some reason Roman Catholic and LDS clerics think this is something to celebrate.

So here we stand in the 21st century with all the problems jihad and terrorism bring; a bishop of Rome who mutters near heretical things about the Theokotus; global climate issues that have developed their own threatening form of orthodoxy; the last few Marxist countries (and a few others) engaged in nuclear bomb production; hunger widespread; thousands of unclean water deaths every day and what are we worried about? What draws the archbishops (one is tempted to say arch-idiots)of Central Africa, Sydney and South America to Jerusalem? One honest man and his love in New Hampshire focuses their angry attention!

It is all madness. People, real human beings in the diocese of Renk and Lui are dying for lack of safe water. People, real humans are dying in Dar fur murdered by their own government Is that what we hear about from their church? Nope. Let's get all exercised (oops not 'excised') over a gay bishop or two in the North. I don't know how much the LDS and Roman churches will squander attacking people whose only crime is to love one another: millions of dollars were spent to pass Prop 8 in California.

We should not, it seems look down on lemmings. Their purported group suicide is not nearly as vicious as ours. Madness, it is all madness. We march towards disaster and the traditionalists sing hymns. Onward Christian Lemmings is perhaps what we should call one of their favorites.


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