15 December 2009

Context and Moral Courage.

Let me be clear --- I do not like the AC-NA idea; I think their scholarship and theology are deeply flawed and I have issues with their actions and plans.

All of that said, they are in a tough place. The Ugandan Anglican Church is a supporter and their publicity to the contrary they do not have all that many. So criticizing the pending bill in the Ugandan Parliament, takes some moral courage. They have it. We have this from the "communique" issued by their recent leadership meeting.
"And, mindful of the controversy surrounding a bill concerning homosexual behavior that is being considered by the Uganda parliament, restated our commitment to the sacredness of every human person as made in the image of God, from conception to natural death and without regard for religious convictions or manner of life. We also gave thanks for the faithful witness of the Anglican Church of Uganda and encouraged them to stand firm against all forms of sexual exploitation and in their publicly stated commitment that “the Church is a safe place” for all persons, especially “those struggling with sexual brokenness.”
AC-NA did not have to say a word. They were founded by those who reject the ordination of homosexual and in some cases female clerics. No one would be outraged or even notice if they were silent. They "stepped up to the plate" as we Americans say.

Meanwhile as noted below, Dr. Williams can only manage a single negative comment in a large interview on other topics. Bp. Jefferts Shori had to face preemption by the Executive Council and actually being preempted by the Bonnie Anderson before she managed a statement.

No one could ever think AC-NA had become progressive or homosexual friendly but they do have a sense of justice. Congratulations to AC-NA and shame on the reluctant leadership of TEC and CoE.


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