18 December 2009

Where did we get this albatross?

The "Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion" issued a statement over night that slams the North American provinces and seeks to meddle in the affairs of each. The interesting question is not their competence (none observed in any case) it is their alleged existence.

No such body has ever been authorized to act or speak for them by any province. There is something happening here and unfortunately I think what is is very clear.

Dr. Williams is very aware that he has little any legitimate power. His entire miss-administration has sought to move into a position of control. He constantly, knowing better, calls the Communion the "Anglican Church." So why am I surprised that a committee that has no basis for speaking to the world as the Anglican Communion issues another intrusive, inappropriate and anti-humanist statement? Am I surprised that the committee met in London -- nope.

I don't even like their comment on incursions. If as I claim, the marketplace of ideas will always win and divulge truth, then I must favor allowing the Central Africans to plant churches wherever they will. Implicitly I am saying I think they will fail. I simply cannot believe that a church preaching repression will prosper in the cold light of day. But I have been wrong before and I could be wrong again. That is fine. It appears archbishops become more enamored with their infallibility.

It is nearly Christmas. The angels sang of 'peace to men of goodwill.' They did not sing of meddlers, usurpers or power seekers.



DREW said...

'We are celebrating the amazing gift by god, to us; of god. God given to us determined to love us even though we try so hard to be unlovable.'--Very well put

Christal said...

I wonder if the archbishops should see this post! LOL!

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