21 September 2011

There are monsters among us

I have been watching the live feed from Georgia where the State is about to kill Troy Davis. I have no information regarding Mr. Davis's alleged guilt. Those who have studied the case say there is reason to think he is innocent.

OK, I live in Illinois. So in a legal sense I am not involved, my tax money is not being used. But we are all of us Americans! My country permits this! How can we possibly justify using our resources this way?

The politicians tell us this is justice, it is not. Killing people is not justice, it is vengeance. And it is wrong. The convicts sit waiting to die for years, and then finally when they run out of lawyers and courts, the State kills them. Black men die, white women almost never do, even when they have done the same or very similar crimes. In Texas there was actually an alleged medical finding that black men should be executed because they are more dangerous. How the Supreme Court can ignore that is beyond me.

It is wrong,not only for Troy Davis who may well be innocent, but period.



Anonymous said...

how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do

JimB said...

Anonymous Person,

I am afraid I do not understand your point? Can you explain and consider a name even if it is merely a nickname?


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