06 September 2014

"Re-imagining" the Church

Long before "air piracy," "hijacking," and, "911" became household words, the doors to flight decks on commercial airliners locked so that flight crew had to open them to let anyone into he area. If you asked, you were told this was to avoid distractions, but the truth was the airlines recognized the tendency of panicked foolish passengers to for not obvious reason think they could take the controls and do better in a crises. Those who study mutinies note another interesting and perhaps complementary trend. After the hated captain is disposed of, the mutineers often appoint a new leader who is frequently more brutal than the officer they disposed. Roman law suspended the rule of the Senate in favor of dictators who could deal with a crises. Eventually the Ceasars figured out crises can be permanent.

What brings those thoughts to mind is the report of the commission, "to imagine the church." The fools want to take over the cockpit. And why not, it works so well in flight!

The report imagines a church where pesky things like Executive Council, uppity laity, democracy, and pastoral criteria for popes presiding bishops, are replaced with a managerial model. Do not look for the pastoral bishop to be our chief pastor, the new idea would be, look for a great manager.

Bp. William White argued against a separate House of Bishops. He was right. The report is the sure sign that someone wants to take over. I shall be reviewing sections of it in detail here over the next few weeks. For now, I am too repulsed to write further. For now, one example: the new image limits General Convention and requires pre-approved resolutions. That will keep the laity in its place!

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