05 September 2014

Short Observtions

  • Right wing Christians face a problem. Their entire system is designed to benefit wealthy people at the expense of the poor. Jesus said, "You cannot serve God and wealth." So what is it gonna be?
  • Just think about it: America with freedom and surveillance for all! Sort of makes you proud doesn't it?
  • Atheism is belief that everything is seen. And they sell this as logical?
  • Denying white privilege exists, from the top, is like an English duke denying there is a class system.
  • Poor, poor Illinois. We have a record for former governors in prison at one time. Now we have an, "Illinois Family Institute" which makes the Westboro Baptists look Christian. Westboro may have to become more extreme to compete.
  • Speaking of which, here is a life's goal: Live so that when you die, Westboro pickets the funeral. How? Live like St. Francis or Jesus.
  • Are you planing to celebrate, "Banned Book Week?" If not, why not? In America, the books the censors go after are often fantasies. After all, how can Harry Potter not be banned when no one burns the witches? Seriously, some fundygelicals took that view!
    It strikes me that conservatives (self identified,) and Christians (even more self identified) might want to be against censorship. Probably the most banned books in the world are those in the "New Testament."
  • Somehow the same fools who object to Banned Book Week are upset that under, "Common Core," States have to comply with minimum educational goals. I do not understand their surprise. When you take the Fed's money, you get the Fed's rules.
Never a dull week.

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