05 October 2017

shootings and storms

Yesterday, Mr. Trump showed us himself. After deliberate ignorance, a stunning lack of empathy, and self absorbed trip to Puerto Rico; his scripted self promoting but solem trip to Nevada exposed the racist core of the man and his administration.

The core that proclaims he is ok with Roy Moore, a homophobic, racist, anti christian, theocrat, is telling. He knows where the bigotries of his core are, and hr panders to them. Hemay at center believe something, but other than his own status, I cannot see

So maybe some conservatives who are not bigots project their beliefs on this man. It seems harder and harder for them to deal with the recognition that they have been lied to. I hear increasing anger and withdrawal.
Thet leads me to an Indian proverb that should worry him: It is easy to ride a tiger, but not to dismount.

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