12 October 2017

Trouble in America

The trouble with the faux Christian (think Pat Robertson, Mike Pence, and the idiot plaintiffs seeking to not do business with LGBTQ customers) assumption that they make the rules lies in their flawed understanding of America, its Constitution, and Christianity. They are missing many a basic point.

While Christianity is always called to be hospitable, it is never granted ownership of the house. That is reserved for someone else. From Isaiah: My house shall be a house of prayer for all people. God sets the house rules, and is entirely silent on many of the faux Christian's trigger issues.

Most parents of teanagers have at some time or another said something like, "Look, it is my house, we use my rules." My somewhat shamefaced memory is that my time included somewhat less temperate language. Forgive me mysons. America, through its Constitution, and law sets the rules for its citizens. Religions err, most especially Christianity errs, when it thinks it has the right to set the rules for others.

This world this country, this church, however one might define that last one, are not your or my house. This world belongs to its creator and future generations. This country belongs to the its citizens, its constitution, and its future. This is God's, if you are a Christian, a Jew, a Moslem, a Native American, or something else. You can search a long time and never find a real religion that sees mankind's greed as the owner. Stay away from the 700 Club, the Kochs, and the television evangelists and their Moslem twins the, "radicalized jihadists. They are trying to steal the house.

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