20 June 2022

How Do We Live?

We live in what news media call a, "diverse community." In plain language, that is a development that African Americans can afford. One of my neighbors put it well,    the apartments are small, the parking is adequate, the schools are excellent, the neighbors are nice, and the large hole in the center is a swimming pool.

We like it here. But how do we stay? After the murders how do my neighbors look at a white man and not see a potential terrorist? Why should they trust me? Yes, I am old, but so are some of the white supremacist idiots with guns.

One of the ways racism, replacement theory, and white supremacy do their evil, is they undermine the social consensus. The only way forward for decent humanity is to confront and call out evil. We need to change our expectations and context. We must either disarm our population, of arm it completely. 

We simply cannot continue as we are.

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