03 June 2022

mass shootings

Begin with the first fact: in America, there have been 27 mass shootings in schools this year, while there have been none in Canada, New Zealand, England, France, and Germany, combined. Then ask what those countries  have in common that America does not have. 

Somewhere, someone has to find some courage. I don't know who might finally have courage, but then I live in Illinois where rational gun laws are constantly defeated by the horrible laws in Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Not every murder is resolved with the police recovering a firearm, but among those identified and traced, 60% are from out of State purchases, 40% come from one State: Indiana. 

I am not a wealthy man, in fact we qualify as low income. But as Mr. Biden said, "Enough!" We will contribute to any candidate running in a Democratic primary in West Virginia or Arizona. Enough!

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